Wholesale with Dunn & Co

To be considered for a wholesale account, contact us with a brief description of your business. Please include your sales tax identification number. We will review your information and contact you (usually within 48 hours).


Thank you for your interest in wholesaling with Dunn & Co. We are so flattered and humbled when retailers get excited about our products!


Wholesale prices:

8oz candles are $9/each

16oz candles are $15/each

Retail prices:

8oz candles retail for $15-20/each

16oz candles retail for $25-30/each

To become a wholesale client, we require a $300 minimum opening order. 

To avoid having any one of our wholesale clients lowering prices and undercutting any of our other retailers, we ask that all of our retailers not go below our minimum price guideline. We understand that even the best products sometimes go unsold. If you need to put our products on clearance, we ask that you only do so after giving the product sufficient time at its suggested retail price.


After you order, we will write up an invoice that includes the price of the candles you’ve ordered as well as an estimated shipping fee and send it to you. After we receive your payment, we will begin pouring your candles. When the order is ready, we will let you know and have them shipped to you (usually two weeks after receiving payment.) 


We also have an option to personalize your candles with your store’s logo. This involves a $35 set-up fee that includes turning your logo into a stamp that we will then use to brand each label with your logo in an ink color of your choice. If you choose not to do this, the labels will be stamped with our Dunn & Co logo in orange ink. 


Our candles are incredibly strong - and the best way to experience that is to smell for yourself. 1oz samples are $1/each and are made with the same wax blend and fragrance oil percentages that go into each of our 8oz and 16oz candles. The best way to get a feel for these products is to go ahead and order a few of the candles (maybe one in each size) as well as all of the 1oz samples of the scents that you would like to try. The process of putting together these sample boxes for potential wholesale clients is so exciting for us, because we know that once you experience these products and get to know our brand's quality that you are going to fall in love. Included in your sample box will also be all of the literature (brand story, contact information, ordering process and forms, zip-code protection agreement, pricing schedule, custom stamp information, scent list with descriptions, etc.)

Dunn & Co

Established in 2019 by husband and wife team Kaci and Logan Dunn, Dunn & Co is a small family business specializing in hand poured candles and wax melts. Every candle and melt is hand poured by Kaci's brother, Colton Scally, in his Grandview studio. The candles contain high quality fragrance oils and a blend of soy and paraffin waxes. Their amber colored jars protect the candles from discoloring in the sun and work well into many design styles - from rustic to modern. Their labels include a short description of the scent's fragrance profile, a descriptive narrative about candle safety and the pouring process, and are stamped by hand with the Dunn & Co logo. A great deal of thought has been put into the selection of every detail of these candles. We chose fragrances that are powerful and complex. Each has its own story to tell, and there is a scent for every customer.