25% of total sales goes to the organization.

From the very beginning, Dunn & Co has partnered with local organizations for fundraisers. These fundraisers have become a great way to grow the business while also supporting the community. We feel so privileged to get to help. With our line of products, we believe that there is always a scent for every customer - this is what makes candles so great. 


To get started, contact us with a brief description of your organization. Include information regarding the purpose of the fundraiser, what the money will be used for, and a timeline. We ask for at least a month advance notice to give us time to order and receive the necessary supplies. We will review your information and contact you usually within 48 hours.


Once confirmed, we will send you a packet including brochures, order forms, and product information. Everything you will need to get started. Traditionally, our fundraisers have utilized a limited menu of scents. Instead of our entire scent list, we have chosen our Top 10 sellers. This makes it easier on your organization when you are selling. For a small fee, we will also send a pack of samples that you can use when selling. Candles are best sold when they're able to be smelled, so sample packs are great selling tools along with brochures and product information.


Giving never smelled so good!